Day vs. Night.


This editorial is rooted in the minds of three young creative, fueled by a passion for the new, fascinating and fantastic; a combination that fits with the theme and inspiration that we propose today: the much anticipated "Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice".

The choice of designs and colors came from the filmography and from classic comics from DC Comics, in particular "The Return of the Dark Knight" by Frank Miller, "The Best Super Heroes” by Paul Dini and Alex Ross and finally by the timeless classic "Batman" by Tim Burton.

Photography, fashion and make‐up go into marriage with the characteristic features, not just the super heroes in tights, but also cast a realistic and intimate look into the lives of real-world counterparts: Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent.

In each picture you can find an element that unites the "human" to the heroes, making them connected by a thin unbreakable thread; this vision emphasizes their

Abysmal differences, character and life style and creating an unbridgeable contrast so as to bring to an inevitable clash than expected.

The two characters, represented individually, show instants and moments of everyday life taken directly from the comics imaginary.

  Fascinating and mysterious Bruce Wayne lives a hard, busy life and he is surrounded by a dark aura and perpetually steeped in darkness and revenge. The traits are harder, a more serious look and the environments, as if to be influenced by it, seem almost grotesque and terrifying.

Clark Kent, on the contrary, carries out his work as a journalist almost in a traditional manner. We wanted to represent Clark Kent intent on typing on a typewriter or with a film camera as a tribute to the golden age of superheroes (the late '40s). The most colorful and solar style reveals the best part of the alien hiding among humans, showing her lover and more sensitive side for the earth.

Clark Kent Look #1

Bruce Wayne Look #1

Clark Kent Look #2

Bruce Wayne Look #2

Bruce and Clark #1

Bruce and Clark #2

Batman #1


Batman #2

Batman vs Superman

The stylist talks about the dresses:

01 - Clark Kent Look #1: look inspired by the figure of the journalist Clark Kent, reporter whose job is not just sitting behind a desk, but also field job and reports facts and events. From this idea comes the choice of comfortable clothing, shorts with turn-ups in corduroy that recall the classic trousers for men, large and comfortable linen blouse which is then shaped by the slim vest. To complete the set, a pair of comfortable low shoes male style.

02 – Bruce Wayne Look #1: Bruce Wayne can afford to wear a tail-coat for every hour of the day, here is the choice for the woman who personifies Wayne, complete in high-waisted trousers frack jersey printed to be worn during the day and also have a more easy look.

03/05/06 – Clark Kent Look #2: look always comfortable, convenient and practical for our Clark Kent woman, jeans slim fit, body and a t-shirt black, with a touch of sophistication with a jacket with weave embroidery in baroque style.

04/05/06 – Bruce Wayne Look #2: blue little dress for a chic aristocratic; elegance and sophistication is not to show off, you’re or your’not.

08/10 - Superman: vaporous and wide dress as the strength of the superhero; tulle, organza and blue lace going to emphasize the character of Superman. Simple with a goodheart not yet touched by hatred, which is rare and precious like lace.

07/09/10 - Batman: total black look with vertiginous gap and a large cloak lace. Sexy and provocative for a woman that attracts with its mystery.






Disordine e Creatività Team


Photography – John Oliver (aka Mattia Corbetta)


Fashion Supervisor & Stylist – Tatiana Fusi


Make‐Up & Hair Styilist – Giulia Torta



Team for Day vs. Night


Bruce Wayne/Batman - Laura Cislaghi

Clark Kent/Superman - Elisa Canella


Assistant MUA (photo 07/08/09/10 Batman vs Superman) – Georgia Rivelli


Location – Agorà Hotel Biella



 Brands for clothes and accessories


All the dresses shown in the pictures were hand made by the stylist Tatiana Fusi.

Shoes provided by Biella store: Primo Piano


01 – Clark Kent Look#1

Shoes: Via Studio


02 – Bruce Wayne Look#1

Shoes: Jeannot


03 – Bruce Wayne Look#2

Shoes: Chantal


04 – Clark Kent Look#2

Shoes: Espadrilles


05 – Bruce and Clark #1

Shoes Bruce Wayne: Chantal

Shoes Clark Kent: Espadrilles

Accessories: Coccinelle


06 – Bruce and Clark #2

Shoes Bruce Wayne: Chantal

Shoes Clark Kent: Espadrilles


09 – Batman #2

Shoes: Silvana


10 – Batman vs. Superman

Shoes Superman: Pura Lòpez

Shoes Batman: Silvana



Disordine e Creatività

A creative pool joins, reinvents, creates and brings into reality the dreams, fantasies and staged his own soul and his talent.

Photography, fashion and care in make-up and hair style come together in a sensual dance which comes from a collective vision, but carries within itself three different visions but in harmony.

Mattia Corbetta

Aka John Oliver has participated in various local and national competitions with awards and commendations, publication on the portal PhotoVogue and on Dark Beauty Magazine.

The passion for photography is present permanently and is grown through the three creative outlets that prefer: portrait, fashion and reportage.


Tatiana Fusi

He graduated at the NABA (New Academy of Fine Arts) in Milan in Fashion & Textile Design, and then followed specialized courses in tailoring, moulage and clothing product manager.

After the experience of a year in London he returned to Italy and started his own business as a fashion designer for companies and individuals. Arises, first and foremost, the goal of achieving the perfect harmony of style, creativity, quality of the fabrics, all set off by an 'excellent tailoring skills always strictly respecting the beauty of the made in Italy.


Giulia Torta

Young hairstylist who loves his work and exercises with passion and dedication. Creative girl, determined, dynamic, firmly he believes in hard work as the only way to achieve their goals and is always looking for new opportunities that will allow it to grow personally and professionally.

For Giulia the watchword is "unique"; fashion is often understood as "imitation", as she is every day looking for differentiation.

Giulia is now working for the top hairstilist brand Aldo Coppola ( in Borgomanero).


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An enviable location, suitable for every need, and a structure refined with elegance and class.

A rigorous care for detail, refined materials and furnishings.

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